Dr. Sarah Clinch

About Me

I'm a computer science researcher and lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, UK. My research is focused on the development and deployment of data-centric pervasive computing architectures for new and emerging application domains. My research includes both user and systems elements, and addresses concerns such as trust, privacy, security, reliability. I have strong interest in creating robust systems that can stand-up to long-term, real-world deployment.

To date, my research has incorporated three key areas: (i) technologies and architectures for the collection, storage and presentation of large personal datasets in order to augment human memory; (ii) mechanisms for supporting personalisation of networked digital signage; and, (iii) the use of cloudlets and virtualisation as a platform for personal data and personal computing environments.

I'm keen to hear from enthusiastic prospective Ph.D. students or post-docs wishing to work in these (or strongly related) areas.


You can view my publications list on Google Scholar.


I was previously (2014-2016) a post-doctoral researcher in the School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University (UK) and have held visiting positions at the University of Cambridge (2016); TU Dresden (2015); and Carnegie Mellon University (2009).

I hold a Ph.D. from the School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, awarded in 2014 (Thesis Topic: Supporting User Appropriation of Pervasive Displays). Prior to my Ph.D. I worked as a Developer at Wide Area Communications.